What Others Say

TestimonialsTo protect their privacy all Testimonials are kept anonymously


“Monika is a miracle worker. The EMDR made an amazing different in how I feel. I can be my happy Self, now. P. T.

“Monika saved my life, I was drinking myself to death and with her help have been sober and reunited with my family ever since”. S.W.

“From the very first session I had with Monika I experienced a deep relief, even my stomach ache that I had for weeks was gone after that.”K.T.

“Monika is my EXHALE” M.H.

“Thank you so much for all your assistance. I am so glad I met you. You are a very professional and caring person and I am blessed to know you”. S.I.

“Your the best therapist in the world, I don’t know what I would of done with out you” T.R.

“Your loving, gentle, balanced, and logical energy is very powerful to help keep me centered”. S.B.

“I wish I could put you in a bottle and carry you around with me all the time. You are so good for me.” G.P.

“You are so god like …you have such a depth…even if you are not Christian…. I am so juiced up from you… I often thank God to have you in my life.” N.C.

“I couldn’t do it without you. You give strength, clarity and best of all that I now have my Wise Self to help me.” J.I.

Feedback from the Yoga Therapy Groups

“You really do create the magic around us all”.  S.W.

“I feel stronger within my Self I feel more confident, empowered to face daily challenges, things beyond my control, I am loving myself more each day. I am finding peace. Breathing and yoga techniques have helped to center myself and reduce stress”. W.S.

“Thank you for opening so many doors and leading me through them to places I had only hoped existed. Your leadership and teaching of yoga has given me inroads to strength in difficult times”. L.R.

“This group has made me realize, “no I am not crazy”. Techniques learned are immensely helpful even when I leave the room. The energy generated is very healing.” T.S.

“I love this experience! Monika is an excellent teacher and I liked sharing with the other women. This is powerful and beautiful. I can recommend this class to anyone looking for emotional peace and balance. Thank you. Thank you.” V.M.

“Ever since the group I have felt calm, more happy, more energy and finally lost old stubborn weight. Thank you, thank you. ” G.V.

“From the first moment I saw you, I thought I got to know her, there is a special  energy that comes from her”. I am deeply greatful that you are helping us here. Your deep kindness and compassion.” H.L.

“There is golden energy coming from you”. B.T.

“I think Kundalini Yoga is having amazing benefits for me.  My husband keeps saying, “You’ve changed!” and he means it in the nicest possible way! ” D.G.

“First of all, following our last EMDR office session, which was on a Tuesday, I lost 4 pounds that week, from Monday morning to Friday morning. Then I stayed the same weight for a week, and now I’ve lost another 4 lb. I think it’s partly the EMDR session we did, where I planned to invite my Higher Self to join me whenever I eat and help me make wise decisions, and partly the yoga.  I’m pretty sure it’s because of the yoga that I feel so good, and calm (far less anxiety than previously), and healthy, and centered, and in control.  I feel like I’m beginning to “master” myself; it’s my understanding that a “Master” is so called not because we are his slaves but because he is the master of himself.” D.G.


Colleagues and other professionals

I have known Monika Summerfield for a number of years. She is a great person, truly a professional, making you feel at ease, easy to confide to and to discuss your personal problems. I would see her any time for any family related crises. She makes you feel good and helps you any way she can. I can only highly recommend her. U.H.

“It was my pleasure to serve an optimistic and energetic psychologist who enhances self esteem, propagates love and heals the wounds of broken hearts”. Former employee 

Monika is highly skilled as a Marriage & Family Therapist; she is also trained in several alternative modalities, which gives her approach a great deal of depth. I have found that Monika’s natural warmth and intelligence, as she gracefully offers what is appropriate to the situation, to be immensely helpful. She is able to create an environment that feels very safe and one can truly blossom under her caring and artful guidance. I believe her abilities to be exceptional, and I very strongly recommend Monika. B.B.

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