Being a meditator, simple and easy…

Meanwhile it is comon knowledge, that meditation is helpful to your overall health and wellbeing, and that it is not just for weirdoes or for girls or for certain religions, just to mention a few ideas that I have heard over the years.

Yes, meditation is good for your health, your overall well being, your brain functioning, to be a happy person and anyone can practice it regardless of your faith, wether you are atheist or you consider yourself spiritual. And yes, for a lot of new beginners it seems hard, or unpleasant. Maybe you are just insecure if you are doing it right. And there are many diffrent ways to meditate, which we wrote about under meditation, so you can pick what feels good to you.

Now it is much easier in a group as you automatically will atune to the energy around you. And it is much easier with a teacher and with guidance. If you feel called to know and learn more…and if you are also interested in the practice of check out our programs,

wishing you a peaceful day,