Independence Day

What if Independence Day, meant not only celebrating the freedom we have as citizens, yet also meant our inner freedom?

What if the fireworks cracking in the sky, were also celebrating YOU! Celebrating that you are free from negative thoughts, that you no longer are slave to your own inner critic, this voice inside you telling that your not good enough or that something is wrong with you.

What if your independence meant that you have peace inside, that you can REALLY relax, without a cocktail, or two, or beer,  Xanax, a large amount of food or medical marihuana. That you can just relax, because it is your natural state, because you have enough to eat, a place to stay and you feel connected to other people. That you can relax because you are physically pain free, that you can relax because you are emotionally ok. That you can see the good in our country, the good in your community and feel safe with your neighbors. That is my wish for you! Happy 4 th of July.