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Would you like to experience more HAPPINESS AND PEACE?
Are you ready to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE and FREE YOURSELF from self-judgement and negativity all together?


I am a psychotherapist, teacher, author and healer with over 30 years of experience. I utilize highly effective therapeutic healing modalities such as integrative mind body approaches and mindfulness therapy backed up by current neuroscience and research.

In my office I have witnessed many miraculous transformations. Treatment will be customized to your needs. Making positive inner and outer changes with the help of a caring professional can be the beginning of a rewarding inner adventure.


5 Keys to Picking an Effective Therapist

  1. Are they experienced and have a track record of effectively helping people?
  2. Do they use proven, results-oriented methods?
  3. Do they take a integrative therapeutic approach?
  4. Do they work on the root causes of your problems, versus merely addressing your symptoms?
  5. Are they understanding, compassionate and non judgemental about helping people?

EMDR – A Breakthrough Modality

Monika Summerfield EMDR Specialist
Monika Summerfield
EMDR Specialist

One extensively-researched and results-oriented integrative psychotherapy method that has helped thousands is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) which I am facilitating regularly for the past 18 years with great success and mastery.

If I work with you using EMDR, you will re-process key experiences and RELEASE OLD CHARGES. These can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This is a HOLISTIC approach that clears the ROOT CAUSES of your challenges.

You can gain a completely new outlook on your situation and life. Some clients have experienced full relief in a SINGLE SESSION.

Click here for more information on EMDR.

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